Meeting Space Management for CEFIC

Meeting Space Management for CEFIC

In the offices of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) in Brussels, VCS equipped 35 meeting rooms and installed 15 digital signage displays from 46″ to video walls size. All meeting rooms are equipped with Poly video conference systems and advanced audio.

Monica Righelli: “The biggest challenge of this project was the combination of technology with the compelling demand for user-friendliness. The high-tech equipment of the meeting rooms had to be easy and quick to operate by anyone, without assistance from third parties and without intervention by a technician. CEFIC is an organisation that holds meetings in Brussels with, in 95% of the cases, external partners. All these people must be able to use the rooms smoothly without explanation or instructions. We have succeeded to facilitate this wonderfully well.”

Upgrade of existing equipment

At the start of the project, the meeting rooms were used for Skype for Business and H323/SIP video conferences. After our upgrade, the meeting rooms of CEFIC are now also multi-platform and available for MS Teams, WebEx, Zoom and GoToMeeting.

Excellent two-way sound quality

CEFIC is an organisation which attaches great importance to high audio quality. In consultation with VCS, CEFIC has opted for gooseneck microphones. This is a standing table microphone for each speaker, but due to its proximity to the voice, this type of microphone provides a very natural voice sound. In combination with a quality audio processor and well distributed ceiling speakers, CEFIC is currently equipped with an extremely clear two-way sound quality.

Cefic boardroom

Sophisticated but easy to operate Meeting Space Management

In the conference centre, all meeting rooms were linked to the Room Reservation System, fully configured by VCS in consultation with CEFIC. There is a touch panel at the entrance door of the meeting room as well as in the meeting room itself. At the entrance door, you can view the current and upcoming meetings and create, extend or end a meeting using the touch panel. A doorbell on the touch panel ensures that a call can be made before entering. The layout is completely tailored by VCS to the needs of the customer. Using this touch panel, CEFIC can also immediately notify the catering. During the Covid pandemic, the touch panel also features a ‘cleaning & disinfection mode’.

‘First in First out’ or automatic mode for the microphones

The same options exist on the touch panel in the room but with additional features such as…

  • Starting the video conference using the ‘Join’ button.
  • Switching between wireless presentation and HDMI inputs.
  • Adjusting audio levels.
  • Put microphones in automatic mode or in ‘controlled’ mode; you press a button to speak and, according to the FIFO principle, you are next in line.
  • At the end of each meeting, an email is automatically sent out so that the room can be disinfected.
  • Each display is equipped with a room player: the content of this is also automatically linked to the reservation system so that, at the start of each meeting, the WiFi code, emergency exits, etc. are listed on the display.