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Establishing a ‘connection’. That’s what it’s all about in each video call. VCS creates the right conditions for a real meeting. Every gram of comfort, every tone in the tuning tibre and every pixel matters. VCS facilitates that connection with great expertise in technology, in automation, in advice on product selection and with a great deal of attention to ease of use and aesthetics.

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Video Conferencing, Meeting space management, … Our solutions

We strive for total unburdening for every customer. We have therefore developed a number of activities around Video Conferencing in recent years Meeting space management has become indispensable. Signage and Wayfinding greatly increase comfort in the office landscape. With Studio Live we are breaking new ground: a professional, automatic setup for streaming and live events.

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Initiate, solve and care

A proper preliminary process is of vital importance. Let VCS analyse your situation in terms of needs, hardware and software. We see questions that you haven’t thought about yet. We have an inside view of the possibilities ahead. And with 20 years of experience, we know where pain points arise.

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More than 15 years of experience


“Ask yourself if you really need a manual”

VCS stands for Video & Conferencing Solutions and was established 20 years ago. We are now a few stages and two business locations further. Technology is also changing constantly. There is one constant factor in our work: user-friendliness and stability of systems. If it does not work 100% reliably, we don’t offer it. We don’t cut back on quality.

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